Friday, October 8, 2010


We gathered at 3:00 p.m. outside of Bartley Hall, across from the North Gate, excited but still frazzled from the stress of midterms and packing for our Pellegrinaggio!

Through the graciousness of 2008 pilgrim, Chris Janosik, of the Office for Mission & Ministry, we were provided a pilgrimage prayer book, which soon became as important to us as our boarding passes and passports. In retrospect, it is these daily prayers and readings that will bring me back to the sacred moments of our walking “in the footsteps of Augustine."

As we prayed together for the first time, reading from our prayer book, little did we know how “dog-eared”, well used and treasured our prayer manual would become.

As we boarded our coach and Fr. Farrell led us in the first ritual of the pilgrimage - the oft repeated "head count," we began our journey as pilgrims with restless hearts.

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